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Newborn Session Guide


Congratulations on your new baby!  We are so excited you chose Vintage Grain Photography to capture all the teeny tiny features that you will want to remember forever.  Newborns sessions are so fun, although they can be quite challenging as well.  The following guide will help prepare you, as well as baby, for your upcoming session.

Preparing Baby

  • Try feeding baby until content at home right before leaving and then “topping them off” at the studio or once the photographer arrives at your home (depending on the type of session).
  • If you can, keep baby awake for 30 minutes to an hour before the session so they will be nice and sleepy. This isn’t always possible so don’t stress if baby doesn’t cooperate.
  • If baby seems to be getting on somewhat of a schedule with feedings, let the photographer know and we will try to work around that.
  • For baby boys, let the photographer know if /when your baby will be circumcised. Poses where baby is on his belly will likely be uncomfortable up to 5 days after the procedure.

Preparing Parents

  • It is best to schedule your newborn session within the first 10 days of birth when baby is the sleepiest.  After that, it is more difficult to get the sweet, sleepy poses. Lifestyle sessions are possible after the 10 day window, however, so keep that in mind.
  • Newborn sessions can last up to 2-3 hours.  This allows for feeding, changing and calming the baby. Make sure to take this into account when packing your diaper bag.
  • You may want to bring an extra change of clothes for yourselves just in case…accidents happen.
  • Your baby is used to being in a nice toasty-warm environment. In order to keep them content for a longer period of time, the studio or your home needs to be hot.  We’ll have a heater or two going at all times and the studio will be a toasty 85 degrees.  Dress in layers to try to stay as comfortable as possible.  If your session is in-home, you will be asked to crank up the heat and the photographer will bring a portable heater as well.
  • We can absolutely take a few images with mom, dad and siblings. If you plan on doing this, for parents, I recommend solid colored tops in similar shades.  Parent shots are generally waist up.  Sibling shots should be done at the beginning of the session.  These shots are usually done laying down or sitting down.  Please let the photographer know before the shoot if you are bringing siblings (names and ages) or if you plan on having parent shots so we can be prepared.
  • The studio is stocked with various props, wraps and backdrops.  Before starting the session, we will go through several items pre-selected and you can decide what fits your style. Feel free to bring any clothes or props that you want incorporated as well.  Sentimental items are great and really make your session unique as well.
  • If you have started a Pinterest board or have images that really fit your style, feel free to send that to the photographer. That will help with putting together a plan for your session.

Feel free to call or email Lindsey with any questions you might have about your session or how to prepare (316-390-4733 or  We look forward to meeting your new addition!

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